18 March Çanakkale Victory and Martyr's Day

Çanakkale Victory is a legend written with valour

Afyonkarahisar mayor Burhanettin Çoban issued a statement commemorating Çanakkale Naval Victory and March 18 Martyrs Commemoration Day.
Burhanettin Çoban stated March 18, 1915 was a result of military genius and valour of soldiers worth such genius. Mayor Çoban also stated "March 18 Naval Victory which was a turning point for both Turkish and World history is an epic legend of our nation that values independence more than anything and never accepts living under captivity. It should be known that this nation sacrificed their lives and blood is able to fight of such attempts including terrorist activities against Turkey. I call to rememberance our martyrs with inmenae gratitude who sacrified their lives in Çanakkale, Kocatepe, Dumlupınar, Sakarya and Olive branch peace operation in Afrin while performing their duties. May their souls rest in peace"