Aerobatic Excitement on Award-Winning Track

Afyon Motorsports Center, which received the best technical infrastructure last year and the best Paddock award in 2019, hosted the final of the European Street Freestyle Göbeklitepe Cultural Cup. Breathtaking event attracted great appreciation from local and foreign visitors.



European Street Freestyle Göbeklitepe Cultural Final excitement took place in Afyonkarahisar. With the slogan of "We are strong when we are together", final races were held in the paddock area of Afyınkarahisar Motor Sports Center. In the scope of the finals, planned concerts, entertainment activities were canceled due to the Peace Spring Operation of our Hero's Army. The entrance of the organization was free of charge, and the fans filled the tribunes with Turkish flags in order to give Turkish soldiers moral support.

In the organization we introduced our country to the world with our national, cultural and sporting values that we have, and motorcycle masters took the spectators’ breath with their performances. Thousands of spectators in Afyonkarahisar closely followed the cup race of 12 Turkish, Russian, Hungarian, Czech and Croatian riders. With international jury points, 17-year-old Russian rider Foma Kalinin won the first place, Hungarian rider Herczeg Balazs took second and another Hungarian rider Podani Milan came third.

Birkan Polat won the first place in the Afyonkarahisar Göbeklitepe Cultural Final Cup where Turkish athletes competed, while Zafer Can Güngör won the second and Hakan Cam Namlı came third.

The award ceremony was held after the breathtaking shows of the riders.  To the ceremony Afyonkarahisar Governor Mustafa Tutulmaz, Afyonkarahisar Deputy Ibrahim Yurdunuseven, Afyonkarahisar Mayor Mehmet Zeybek, Turkish Motorcycling Federation (TMF) President Bekir Yunus Ucar,  Provincial Assembly President Burhanettin Çoban, TSYD Ankara Branch President Hüseyin Doğru, Afyonkarahisar Branch President Nadir Güzbey, , FIM European Track Commission President Martin Hajduk,  Jury President & FIM-E Steward Attilla Nagy and the high-level protocol attended.



Turkish riders Zafer Can Güngör and Birkan Polat representing our country in Göbeklitepe Cultural Final Cup saluted soldiers in a demonstration in a military uniform to support the Peace Spring Operation. Turkish riders Zafer Can Gungor and Birkan Polat performed military camouflaged demonstrations to support the operation of the Peace Spring. Two athletes saluted soldiers at the show. Birkan Polat expressed that they tried to their best with all their feelings to support the Peace Spring Operation and said: "For Peace Spring Operation, we pray to all participating soldiers. Our hearts are with them. Today we are in Afyonkarahisar for European Street Freestyle Cup to wave Turkish flag in the best way." Zafer Can Güngör said that they prepared this uniformed show for the support and morale for the soldiers in the Peace Spring Operation.