Countries that receive the most gold medals in MXGP

When we look at the countries that have the best racers the results are quite astonishing.

First of all, Belgium comes on top of the list with a clear difference from all other countries. They received a total of 55 gold medals. Having a solid base and supporting young riders helped Belgium consistently receiving gold medals.

Among the countries following Belgium are France (19 gold medals), Sweden (17 gold medals) and Italy (17 gold medals). The fact that these countries own many good racers and adopted the Motocross culture has provided them a great success in the MXGP World Championship.

We have listed some countries below showing their number of medals

Belgium 55 gold medals

France 19 gold medals

Sweden 17 gold medals

Italy 17 gold medals

Great Britain 12 gold medals

The Netherlands 7 gold medals

United States 7 gold medal

Germany 5 gold medals

Finland 5 gold medals

South Africa 5 gold medals