Kiara Fontanesi, Guest of the Italian President together with Italian Police

Six-Time FIM Women’s Motocross World Champion Kiara Fontanesi is visiting Rome this week for 3 important days with the Italian President! Fontanesi, a Fiamme Oro athlete, will receive a special certificate from the police before attending the annual party of the national police Wednesday.

The 3-busy days are full of important appointments for Kiara thanks to her role as a part of the Fiamme Oro and as 6-time World Motocross Champion. Yesterday Fontanesi was at Quirinale to meet the President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, together with other 41 members of the Italian Police famous for their sporting achievements and for the commitment they have made to represent Italy.

It was for this reason that the President wanted to give compliments to them on the occasion of the Italian Police’s 167th anniversary. Kiara takes part in the event full of emotion and pride. The Italian Police include 15,000 women and for Kiara it is an honor to be among them. 

Today she is meeting with the Chief of the Police, Franco Gabrielli, at the Superior School of Police in Rome and tomorrow she is set to attend the annual Party of the Police at ‘Pincio’ when she will be certificated as an ‘AGENTE SCELTO’ thanks to her title of Motocross World Champion!