MXGP of Turkey has become the most prestigious sport event

Organized for the second time in Afyonkarahisar on September 7th-8th, Motocross World Championship (MXGP of Turkey) has become the most prestigious sport event of Turkey in 2019.

Turkish Motorcycling Federation President Bekir Yunus Uçar stated that Motocross World Championship, held under the aegis of Presidency of Republic of Turkey this year, provided huge contribution to the promotion of our country. Uçar emphasized that this contribution was reflected in numbers.


He also added “57 Tv channels broadcasted the potential and organizational power of our country in 186 countries in a total of 90 minutes in the main hours and 105 minutes in the daytime as news and program contents. With World Championship, we provided a value of about 200 million Euros for Turkey's promotion. Foreign riders, teams, technical teams and spectators from abroad made a significant economic contribution to both our country and Afyonkarahisar within the scope of sports tourism. We will try to do the best again in 2020 with a great participation and a much larger organization.”


 “The Best Paddock” Prize


With respect to hosting World and European Senior, Women and Junior’s Championships, the track of Afyon Motorsports Center was awarded with “The Best Paddock of the Season” prize by World Motorcycling Federation (FIM). Thus, the promotional value of the organization increased significantly compared to the previous year.


After Turkish stage of Motocross World Championship, details about Afyonkarahisar and Turkey were shared on Tv programs and broadcasting contents abroad.


While totally 45 hours of races were screened live for 5 hours on Saturday and Sunday on 9 main Tv channels on different continents, notably Eurosport, the races took 39 hours of live time on 13 different Tv channels. 22 Tv channels including Lequipe, Band Sports, Motosport TV, Nos Netherlands, Fox Sports and Sport TV broadcasted 1 hour reviews in the "prime time".


MXGP of Turkey, reaching approximately 145 million Euros of promotional value last year, occupied approximately 8-minute news content on Eurosport in 2019 and met with audience in 6 hours live during the two-day race time.


The races in Afyonkarahisar took place on Eurosport screens for 6 hours in “prime time" which is considered as the golden hour of Eurosport's daily broadcasting and advertising period.  The advertising value of Eurosport's broadcasting during this period was recorded as approximately 12 million Euros.


Italian Rai Sport, CBS Sports Network, America's leading broadcasting company, Fox Sports Asia, AXP Africa, Sina Sport in China, Beinsports MENA, Sport TV Portugal and Nos Netherlands met the organization with audience with an average of over 6 hours for two days.


Tv Channels included 1-minute promotional video having the introduction of Afyonkarahisar and Turkey on news and live broadcasts. CBS Sports Network, the leading American broadcaster, became the largest advertising value of the organization in the pricing of television broadcasting periods through advertising departments and international agencies. During two days of the event, Afyon stage of World Motocross Championship appeared on Tv for 6 hours, and together with the promotional content, advertising value exceeded 20 million Euros.

Fox Sports Latin America and Fox Sports Asia, while contributing around 30 million Euro to the promotion of Turkey with the duration of organization contents they broadcast, Eurosport in Europe, Bein Sports in the Middle East and Africa, Sina Sport in China became the showcase channels of Turkey’s publicity.

MXGP of Turkey, which found a place in the world's reputable media outlets, remained on the agenda for 2 weeks in China as the next race on the calendar was to be held there. The news about the organization received widespread media attention with the comments such as "Turkey put a spoke in wheel of China's organizer. Quality was at the highest level of the organization”. The Chinese Sina Sport also spent 8 hours with live, replay and news broadcasts.

With the assessment of promotional value figures provided by the evaluation process in Turkey, live and news broadcast hours of international television network of MXGP of Turkey became 198.263.00 Euros.


30 million dollars export increase to Afyonkarahisar


Motocross World Championship, promotional activities of which was initiated at the end of 2017, contributed sports tourism to the region.


According to the data of Turkish Statistical Institute, total overnight accommodations in 2017 was 2.155.420, and with an increase of 34.338, it became 2.189.758 in 2018. This number was recorded as 2.087.067 in 2016 and 1.964.835 in 2005.


The number of 29.800 foreign overnight accommodations realized in 2017 increased to 48.675 and showed a great increase of 18.875 people. According to the data obtained from tourism facilities and municipal certified accommodation facilities, the figure is expected


to have a positive effect on the data with an increase of at least 50.000 nights at the end of 2019.

Within the scope of the organization, the commercial activities of Afyonkarahisar, which also included the promotion of commercial products, are also expected to contribute to the regional trade. According to data of TSI, while total exports in Afyonkarahisar between 2017 and 2018 increased by 23 million 129 thousand dollars, it is expected to exceed 360 million dollars in 2019 with an increase of over 30 million dollars.