MXGP Turkey Promotion event!

MXGP 2018 Promotion meeting was held in İstanbul. There was a music recital and a cocktail party in this highly anticipated meeting.

The MXGP press conference that took place at the İstanbul Çırağan Palace attracted a great deal of attention. The officials at the meeting expressed their appreciation to the Mayor of Afyon Burhanettin Çoban and to the Minister of Forestry.

One of the main topics of the meeting was the benefits that Afyon region will gain from the sports tourism, by hosting the 18th round of the MXGP World Championship. In addition, it was mentioned that because Afyon is a famous city for thermal tourism and also a city of rich cuisine and flavour, there is an increased interest to this event and the area.

Officials stated that they hoped the champion will be confirmed in the Afyon round as in that case Afyon would have more place in world press.

World FIM and European FIM officials attended the Promotion Conference. Youthstream Vice President also participated at this wold famous MXGP World Championship Afyonkarahisar promotion conference. He thanked all the members of press and to everyone for their efforts in the big organizations in Afyon.

FIM officials also said that they are happy that MXGP 2018-2019 World Championship season will be held in Afyon. Once again, the slogan ‘’The world meets here!’’ was reminded. Also statistics of the Motocross spectators’ information was shared at the conference.

The governor of Afyonkarahisar, Mustafa Tutulmaz was invited to the conference stand. Mr Tutulmaz said that, such a global organisation will give a chance to a city to improve, to stand up a level , furthermore it is very difficult to get a chance to host a big organisation like this and also very difficult to succeed. Mr Tutulmaz said that they are aware of this situation, proud to be a host and that they are ready to take all the responsibility to succeed.