Trentino Trip of Mxgp Turkey

Mxgp Turkey in Trentino

Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo: “This is a little preview of the MXGP of Turkey, we already had another preview when they made a presentation in Istanbul, which was outstanding and very unique. I am very satisfied about how they work, from what we have seen they will clearly be a candidate for the best organizer and all of you will be impressed with what you will see there. The track will be outstanding but the infrastructure, activity around, and the involvement of all the authorities and celebrities it will be something incredible. This is very important for our sport as Turkey is a very big country and their motorcycle market is growing, so as always, it is important to follow the market and go where it is growing. Turkey is one of the best places in the world to be so we will be very proud to be there and everyone in the MXGP world will also be proud”

FIM Europe President Dr. Wolfgang Srb: “I have been in motocross for quite some years but coming early in January this year to Istanbul and seeing the presentation of the Turkish MXGP in Afyon we were really very surprised at how big the presentation was and you could feel the support of the government. The presentation was the best I have ever seen in all my years in this sport and as I said before it has been quite some years. I hope that all of you will be there, it will be outstanding! “

TMF Vice President Mahmut Akulke: “We are very happy to host MXGP once again in 2018 as the Federation of Motorcycle Turkey. This is such a great area and such a great organization, but we are a candidate this year to carry out one of the best organizations in Turkey, Afyon. We have many surprises for both the sportspeople and the spectators this year, we are so happy to see you all here and to be a part of this organization. Hopefully we are expecting all of the MXGP family in Afyon, Turkey this year.”