World Motocross Championship and Motofest Thrill at Park Afyon


International Motofest beginning in 30 August continues until the After - World Motocross Championship Race in September 2. Motofest and MXGP in Afyonkarahisar promotion events are going on at Afyon Park Mall in 12 May Saturday with surprises and promotions. Video-Wall, DJ and gaming consoles will meet with Afyonkarahisar.
10 thousands of visitors are expected for the FIM World Motocross Championship and Motofest to be carried out in Afyon Motor Sports Center. We will meet in from of the "I Love Afyon" right next to the Park Afyon Mall for this event supported by Afyon Municipality.
Park Afyon - Afyon Karahisar Motofest ve MXGP Dünya Motokros ŞampiyonsıTanıtım